You Don’t Need To Be A Celebrity To Be A Celebrity Voice

What if I told you that the character in the cartoon you just watched wasn’t entirely voiced by the actor who they told you did?

What if some words, expressions, and noises coming out of the character’s mouth were recorded by a different actor altogether?

Would you feel deceived?

I mean, think about it for a minute.  It’s like an actor or actress using a body double, something extremely common in television and film.  Jessica Alba has admitted that she is not afraid of doing risque scenes in films – because she leaves that up to her body double.

Body double are often necessary when, for example, and actress is pregnant.  Similarly, if a celebrity comes down with an illness that affects their vocal chords, a vocal ‘double’ can be called in.  When you are not able to perform your normal duties at your job, a co-worker can cover for you.  It’s something that happens every day!

Pat Fraley is a voice actor that you have probably heard – unknowingly.  He has made big bucks “voice matching”, mainly matching the voices of Tim Allen and Jon Voight.  You can learn all about just what he does, how to do it, and how much he makes in his lecture “Voice Matching and Imitating Voices“.


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