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How To Hire A Voice Actor

How do you hire voice talent?  Why, through of course!

Use the award-winning service to post a job or search for a voice actor.  Are you looking for a celebrity impersonation?  How about a wild-west “Sam Elliott” voice, or a fun character voice?  Whatever your need, the voice actors at can handle it.

Whether it’s for a radio commercial of your quirky company voicemail, there are many ways to bring the mystique of Hollywood into your life.  You could even have Arnold Schwarzenegger taking your calls!

Who would you have on your ultimate voicemail message?


You Don’t Need To Be A Celebrity To Be A Celebrity Voice

What if I told you that the character in the cartoon you just watched wasn’t entirely voiced by the actor who they told you did?

What if some words, expressions, and noises coming out of the character’s mouth were recorded by a different actor altogether?

Would you feel deceived?

I mean, think about it for a minute.  It’s like an actor or actress using a body double, something extremely common in television and film.  Jessica Alba has admitted that she is not afraid of doing risque scenes in films – because she leaves that up to her body double.

Body double are often necessary when, for example, and actress is pregnant.  Similarly, if a celebrity comes down with an illness that affects their vocal chords, a vocal ‘double’ can be called in.  When you are not able to perform your normal duties at your job, a co-worker can cover for you.  It’s something that happens every day!

Pat Fraley is a voice actor that you have probably heard – unknowingly.  He has made big bucks “voice matching”, mainly matching the voices of Tim Allen and Jon Voight.  You can learn all about just what he does, how to do it, and how much he makes in his lecture “Voice Matching and Imitating Voices“.

I Have A Hunch – Igor Will Be A Hit



All creatures have dreams – even hunchback monsters, it seems! Igor is no different – he’s a young hunchbacked monster who dreams of becoming a scientist and winning first place at the annual Evil Science Fair. The problem? He’s only a lowly lab assistant who’s job is to do everything that him mad scientist employer tells him to.

The final poster for Igor was recently released, showing off the full cast of celebrities whose voices you will hear in the film beginning September 19th. John Cusack provides the voiceover for the main character, Igor.

This unique take on the traditional ‘monster movie’ should be well-received by young audiences worldwide. It is rated PG.

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Who Are Those Guys in the Header?

Great question!

You probably wouldn’t look twice at these men walking down the street, but I guarantee you’ve heard their voices.  All thirteen of these men can be heard on primetime television – they’re the Primetime Voices!

If you counted the men in the picture carefully, you may have noticed that there are only twelve there.  That’s because the thirteenth person is in an awkward position – I couldn’t crop him in!  You can view the entire photo below.

As I mentioned, these men are heard on primetime on networks including CBS, ABC, NBC, and countless others.  Many of these voice actors are also known for recording movie trailers – notably Don LaFontaine, whose classic scripts beginning with “In a world…” have been spoofed by everyone from insurance companies to Saturday Night Live!

Don, Joe Cipriano, and Dave Fennoy were featured together in an Entertainment Tonight special about the working life of voice over actors.  You can watch the video and find out more on VOX Daily.

Morgan Freeman in Serious Condition after Car Accident

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is listed in “serious condition” after being extracted from a car wreck using the jaws of life on Sunday night.  The accident took place in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi.  Freeman was airlifted to the hospital as Tallahatchie is about 100 miles south of Memphis.  A spokesperson for the Memphis Regional Medical Center has confirmed that Freeman is a patient at the hospital.

Oscar-winner Freeman was ‘lucid’ at the scene and was joking with rescue workers, according to Clay McFerrin, editor of Sun Sentinel in Charleston, Mississippi.  Freeman is a native of the Memphis area and owns a blues club in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Freeman’s instantly recognizable voice can be heard narrating everything from television commercials, to TV specials, to feature length films.  Recently he recorded a new radio public service announcement for the national parks of the United States.  Currently, Freeman can be seen in the feature film The Dark Knight.

Source: CNN, IMDB

Physical Disabilities Don’t Hold Voice Actors Back

Robert David Hall is best known as coroner Dr. Albert Robbins on the television show “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. Previously, his voice was heard on the children’s cartoon G.I. Joe as well as on various radio commercials and other children’s cartoons.

If you had never seen Hall on television before, would you expect to see a man who walks with the aid or crutches? Most likely not – but this is the case with Hall, who has two prosthetic legs due to an automobile accident in 1978.

Hall has never let this slow him down though, choosing instead to use his disability as an aid to raise awareness for others. He has been involved in numerous fund raisers and awareness campaigns over the years.

As Hall says:

“Just because I’m a person with a disability, that shouldn’t limit me.”

You can read more about Hall’s endeavors on VOX Daily.