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All-New Voice Cast for Children’s Favorite Dora the Explorer

What happens when you have a hit kids cartoon with characters who don’t age that uses a voiceover cast of children?

The children’s voices might grow out of their parts!

This is what has happened to preschool favorite Dora the Explorer.  Don’t worry though, Nickelodeon Preschool TV has already filled the new cast with young voices that kids are sure to love, featuring Caitlin Sanchez as the voice of Dora.  They are kicking off Season 5 of the show with a 5-hour marathon on Nick Jr. that will include 4 new episodes, as well as specials and movies from previous seasons.

The new season will also introduce a new feature for the show.  Dora will be meeting new friends from different cultures who will teach her and her young viewers a special skill from that culture.

Prior to the start of the new season, Nickelodeon will release a CD featuring party songs performed by the new cast.

Source: VoiceOverTimes


I Have A Hunch – Igor Will Be A Hit



All creatures have dreams – even hunchback monsters, it seems! Igor is no different – he’s a young hunchbacked monster who dreams of becoming a scientist and winning first place at the annual Evil Science Fair. The problem? He’s only a lowly lab assistant who’s job is to do everything that him mad scientist employer tells him to.

The final poster for Igor was recently released, showing off the full cast of celebrities whose voices you will hear in the film beginning September 19th. John Cusack provides the voiceover for the main character, Igor.

This unique take on the traditional ‘monster movie’ should be well-received by young audiences worldwide. It is rated PG.

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Do Animated Films Need Celebrity Voices?

So often nowadays an animated film is marketed on the basis of the voices behind the characters. Whether it’s Jerry Seinfeld or Jack Black, sometimes you have to wonder if audiences come to see the film or to hear those celebrity voices that they recognize?

Possibly the most popular animated television series (and now a film) of all time is, of course, The Simpsons. Quick – can you name the voices behind Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, or any of the main characters? Likely not all of them, unless you’re a die-hard fan. Would you recognize them if you saw them on the street? I doubt it!

Photo by pforret

Here we have six voice actors who you can hear daily on television. Their voices drive a television empire – no one would ever consider asking someone like Angelina Jolie to replace one of them!

I agree with Peter Martin of Cinematical, who wrote a great article on this subject yesterday. We don’t need celebrity voices in cartoons anymore – especially movies that are aimed at kids who don’t know these voices anyway.

Voice Acting industry blogger Stephanie Ciccarelli wrote on the subject or celebrities being cast in major animated films not too long ago and had many voice actors chime in with their thoughts in the comments. Read her article Celebrity Voice Actors VS Pro Voice Actors Debate.