Who Are Those Guys in the Header?

Great question!

You probably wouldn’t look twice at these men walking down the street, but I guarantee you’ve heard their voices.  All thirteen of these men can be heard on primetime television – they’re the Primetime Voices!

If you counted the men in the picture carefully, you may have noticed that there are only twelve there.  That’s because the thirteenth person is in an awkward position – I couldn’t crop him in!  You can view the entire photo below.

As I mentioned, these men are heard on primetime on networks including CBS, ABC, NBC, and countless others.  Many of these voice actors are also known for recording movie trailers – notably Don LaFontaine, whose classic scripts beginning with “In a world…” have been spoofed by everyone from insurance companies to Saturday Night Live!

Don, Joe Cipriano, and Dave Fennoy were featured together in an Entertainment Tonight special about the working life of voice over actors.  You can watch the video and find out more on VOX Daily.


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